Co-learning with AI: Roadmap processing

Submitter: Stefani Boutelier, Aquinas C, MI


The experiment:

Through investigation around co-learning with AI in English Language classrooms, I designed this: to help learners think about when and when they would use AI in an assignment. The broader goal was to consider how we humanize the integration of AI into curriculum and assessment design. I welcome feedback for improvement for this roadmap.


I used this with a college first year seminar course and required this group to cite AI at least once in a short research paper. Many verbally feared and questioned using AI in college in fear of “getting caught.” We extended our conversations and practice around original voice and crediting any source. I found the learning around citing AI initially was the most informative…none of their other professors seem to acknowledge they could give credit to the AI–so are we welcoming AI into our courses and not requiring students to own how they got there? There is much fluidity with AI advancements that will change every semester.


2 Comments on “Co-learning with AI: Roadmap processing

  1. I think the roadmap is clear and really gets at the purpose for using AI for learning. I am an elementary EdTech coach, so I know our teaching roles are very different, however, I notie some similarities too.

    I recently started working with teachers to introduce using AI for learning to students, and in working with Grade 5 teachers and students, many students echoed the same worries as your college students – will I get in trouble? Isn’t using AI cheating? So we had a discussion first about what generative AI is to clarify misconceptions, and then explored how we could use AI for learning in their current subject area content.

    I think having this visual roadmap is a helpful tool for students (and adults) to decide when to use AI and what it’s purpose it. I think the most impactful step on the roadmap is #5 – Can you explain why you are using AI for this task? because it prompts the user to analzye why they are using AI and how it connects to the learning. I also like how you included the resources for citing AI in both APA and MLA styles.

    Would you mind if I used your roadmap with my students? I might adapt it to make it more user-friendly for upper elementary students, but I will give you credit on the graphic of course.

    • Alexis, yes, please use and remix with credit as you see fit. I’d welcome any feedback or iterations that you find useful. I am primarily in the College of Education and am a former K-12 educator, so we have much in common in our roles.

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